Myo Kyaw Oo [Dec 21, 2005]
"...For those who may not be able to attend Reunion, I suggest to encourage them to send a CD with a short message and wishes not more than 1-2 mins to play at the Reunion. Just a thought to consider and pls share this among us. And we must have Autobiograph with a short CV"

Kyaw Htin [Dec 18, 2005]:

"...One good thing that will come out of this reunion is, among many other things, the ability to organize and think about what we all could do as a group to help each other and those who are in need. There is always strength in unity"

Ma Than Sein [Dec 18, 2005]:

" make a dedicated donation to our medical school/ hospital from our class"

Tin Maung Chit [Dec 12, 2005]:

"This is wonderful to have that web for our group but please don't leave those who are not friendly with that access. Someone may need to start other way of channel for regular communication. Electricitiy and IT are not uniformly accessibly througout the world as well as within the country"

Khin Sabai [Dec 1, 2005]:

"We should not make too much fuss about minor details..."

Mg Mg Lay [Nov 29, 2005]:

"Shall we book the same hotel for those who are coming to the reunion?"

"Then that hotel will become the centre of our reunion"

Kyaw Htin [Nov 27, 2005]:

"a professional photographer to keep a permanent record of our reunion events and to publish a "reunion book" for posterity"

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