Here we go again, another Reunion!.

What's the point, you might wonder ?- with fb, youtube, skype, g
talk, viper and the rest of it, the world is shrinking day by day,
there is always someone on the other end of 3G to be able to-
chit-chat, bitch each other, show off holiday snaps, etc, etc.

Well, the point is...

(1) it has been long time coming, 31 years to be precise.

(2) And it is going to be a bit more than just.. - a group of 50
something getting together, catching up with gossips, dressing up
hideously, stuffing ourselves up, tormenting each other with the best/
worst Japanese invention - Karaoke, making fool of ourselves on the
dance floor, getting tipsy and doing whatever you won't, otherwise
normally do with your dignity and sanity intact, getting wow-ed by
someone you had a "crush" on years ago or getting "ohh-ed" and "urr-
ed" by someone you had a "crush" on years ago, thinking " that was a
"close-shave!" :)), I guarantee that there is a slight twist in this "
reunion!" ( you got to be "in it", to "win it!" )

(3) ROC- back home has gone extra mile to secure Lanmadaw lawn for
this special occasion to start with, and we will have some guests of
honour to surprise everyone.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions!)

Q: Will there be enough food?
A: Yes, it will be enough to feed 1/2 of African continent, if you are
not feeling guilty about it!.

Q: Does Karaoke have songs of 70s and 80s?!
A: Yes, at your own peril!,

Q: is there going to be bikini or wet T shirt competition?!
A: Yes, at your own peril!.

Q: is there......?!
A: Damn it!, What more do you want?! BLOOD?!!!!

mynn htyn

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