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reunion photos
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Honestly, I was one of those who are sceptical about school reunion of any sort. That really wasn't my cup of tea.

So was I smitten, once been there?!
To start with, I was utterly intrigued by how much time and effort was involved in organising this.
Thanks to ROC for making this whole event going as smooth as silk.
Atmosphere was vibrant, all the class mates were in upbeat mood ( to my amazement, there wasn't much of elbow twitching, eyebrow raising, lips curling - which normally is real theme of this kind of gathering!) and there was only one thing in their mind - which I must say is to have a bloody marvellous time!.
Surprisingly there seem to be no shortage of faint-hearted kings of romance unleashing their talents and then there are some mediocre singing stars ( to say the least it's a bit karaoke on karaoke singing is if not compliment I didn't know what is! :)) and some who are downright hopeless, have to be electronically tagged to prohibit from getting hands on microphone and any kind of sound system in the future. ( the noise coming out from medieval torture chamber is as close as you can get of their singing!) 
Let yourselves be the judge on Silay Khine and G2 ah-nyeint which out of no where hijacked entire evening entertainment by storm. Those who have problem with their pelvic floor might have sigh of relief as it, to me was ended a bit prematurely.
At mid 50s, some ladies still got "it".
Some are desperately struggling to cling on.
And some had at last let it go completely and gone pear-shaped quite literally. :))
I was reliably told that it'll be every three year from now on - which means next time won't be till January 2017.
I just hope there will be as many classmates as this time and enthusiasm and spirit to match.

Mynn Htyn
Jan 28 2014

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