the country i love
by san san myint, sept 23, 2007

It’s a hidden, beautiful and gentle country which raised me to be a fine, responsible human being. It is my native land where I spent my whole childhood which was the happiest time in my life. It is a place where my beloved relatives, friends, and teachers still live. It is the nation I often look back nostalgically. I greatly miss Shwedagon Pagoda and Thanakha. The land was born to be very resourceful with rich culture. Its central lowlands are ringed by steep rugged highlands with a coastline border to the southwest of the country. God gifted the country, slightly smaller than Texas in size, three main rivers that flow with slow to high velocities, ranges of mountains with different geological ages of rocks, a warm humid tropical climate to a hot dry desert like climate, a coastline which provides major ports, fertile soil, forests and a rare fresh-water lake etc.
A slow flowing Irrawaddy river is valuable for an economical use of transportation. Fast-flowing rivers like Salween and Sittang, are good sources of hydropower. Mountains of different geological ages of rocks provide a variety of minerals such as tin, antimony, zinc, copper, lead, as well as coal, lime stones and precious stones (ruby, sapphire, and jade). The Irrawaddy delta is enriched with fertile soil for agriculture.  The coastline furnishes the country with natural gas and seafood products. Tropical forests are well stocked up with valuable timber. Rivers, coastline and a fresh water lake endow the nation with ample fish, shrimp and their products. Its peculiar geographical location also shields the land from natural disasters (tropical storm, tsunami). Now i am wondering what is happening overthere.
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