Life!, it's a funny thing, isn't it?!

From the cradle to the grave, it's nothing but a series of adjustment.
I can't remember who said that, nevertheless you really can't deny that it's bleeding truth. ( thwae htwet-aung, hman dae).

And thank god, it's only 2 syllabus, "Ba" and "Wa", muttered we, Burmese.

From the time when you think it's nice and cosy to tuck yourself in your mum's lap for breast milk, you were forced to munch porridge and rice.
And just before you start feeling invincible by getting hang of crawling, you were pulled up to wobble on your feet.

I always wished those ( frantic but blissful and raptuous) summer holidays we used to have when we were young, lasted forever.
I thought how nice it would have been not to grow out of this care-free life with just sleep-eat and play.

Oh,..No, nature and your body are having none of these, as soon as your age turned from single digit to double, so were your blood flushed with those hormones ( yes, gallons of them) to make your voice hoarse, hair to grow, your veins engorged and your knees go wobble every time you see a glimpse of flesh of a girl as your brain, your heart and the rest of organs being bombarded by those chemicals to be attracted to opposite sex or in some cases the same sex!.

And then you got married.( yes,.. with your alleged soul mate and the rest of the family!!)
Here comes in-laws with their own ways of doing things.
My mum doesn't do like this, my dad will be livid if he sees this and so on and on....
After all those years, you still are not on the same term as your siblings or your own family all the time, there is no surprise that it really is every newlyweds' nemesis to get over this "in-law fiasco".

If that's not enough, for those of us who ventured out abroad, culture, climate and language are just a few more to name, we have to acclimatise again.
Reality is that most of us ended up having only child as a result of upheaval struggle to "make it" in alien nation.
So that was it - 3 to tango!.

We all feel that we got only each other until this point of our lives when comfort of your own home, luxury of your own mum's cooking, washing and ironing are not good enough reason to stay at home and lured by that overwhelming desire to break the mould, nothing in the world is going to stay in their ways to get on their own feet and make their own home.

We, human have push the limit to see how well we adapt in harshest conditions we could imagine by putting our bodies and physiology through something like zero-gravity, extreme temperature, 2miles under the water and 2 miles above sea level and so on.
With 21st century-technology, we managed to walk on the moon, climb up the Mount Everest for picnic!, expedition in South Pole, lift up the wreckage of Titanic from the bottom of Atlantic, and so on... and yet despite all these, why it's still so hard to accept to see the back of your only child leaving home.

I tell you why, Because, only "love" can hurt this much!.

Mynn Htyn
May 5, 2014

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