I was feeling stiff this morning all over my body apart from one bit!- yeah.. that damned bit!!. 
But I'm glad that I don't need to be hoisted down the stair case yet!. 

I took a bite on a piece of chicken the other day and it took one back in vengeance chipping away big chunk of my tooth. 
But I'm glad that I still don't need to wear dentures yet. 

I was ridiculed for having two pairs of glasses around my neck as I can't tolerate varifocal lenses. 
But I'm glad that I could still appreciate MXXX's fuller chest! 

I was told off by my daughter last week for accidentally breaking the wind. 
But I'm glad that I don't need diaper and nappy yet. 

I was brushed off by teenagers in the chase of bus for being clumsy and slow. 
But I'm glad that I don't need a wheel chair yet to get from A to B. 

One time, I came out of the shower without realising I still got shampoo on my head. 
But I'm glad that I still remember to put towel around my waist. 

.....And it is a true fact that we all live in self denial thinking these things won't be happening to us at any time!..

.....However, I can tell you guys- it's not a "threat", but nature's "promise" that it's just a matter of "When" rather than "If" that we all will succumb down to inevitable "wear and tear" of ageing in epic proportion. 
The Cliche' is that you are getting old when you start thinking.... - police and doctors are getting younger - those skirts worn by teenage girls are getting shorter. - those rap music are getting noisier - the trousers those boys are wearing are getting lower-er on their hips - getting your face closer and closer to the page you are reading - or even having to pick up your face from the sink after washing in it -..........! 

358 is the number we started with in 1976. "23 of it" has become statistic and alarmingly it's still counting. 
But I'm glad that we still got 335.... to poke fun of -to clash with- to share- to lend shoulders to lean on- to confide- to comfort each other. This really is "wake up" call, all my friends. I'm glad that we still got few more years (arguably) before we start saying "WHO?!?!", every time a name is mentioned to relive the best time of your life (namely,1976-82) and go down that memory lane in a company of your aged old friends. "Carpe Diem!" (Seize the Day) my friends!!. 

Mynn Htyn 
January 11, 2013

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